ASCE DSA Meeting


Hubo Cai

Dong Zhao

Jiansong Zhang

Mario Berg├ęs


  • Discussion of ExCom Quarterly Report
  • Old Business
  • New Business

ExCom Quarterly Report

The group discussed the report on Google Docs and made changes to it directly.

New Business

  • Mario reviewed the website and some action items were developed:

  • Updates on existing projects:

    • Hubo is talking to speakers for the podcast, one wants to talk about Digital Twins but is unresponsive. Perhaps the next person to invite would be somone in robotics/autonomy in construction.
    • Dong continues to help Ryan (webinars), and all is going well.
    • Jiansong’s competition will be implemented starting in the summer. He asks about the timeline for the ASCE computing conference in 2023 so that we can allign the timelines and release results on time, what format it will have and what data we are going to deal with. Similarly, figuring out if we can host the data on Github.
  • Dong is asking about the sustainability of the projects that we have ongoing with respect to the churn in the committee. Should we design some system of accountability to ensure the longevity of the ongoing (and future) projects? We decided to table this discussion for next meeting.

Old Business

To discuss old business we went through the previous meeting minutes. Time did not allow for us to cover these topics:

  • Progress on developing meeting minutes for the last annual meeting
  • Automatic transcription of meeting recording for generating meeting minutes